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Our substantial facilities and logistic technique,
and our conscientious services are for higher customer satisfaction.

Our businesses

We cope with our customer’s needs which are subdevided, more diversified, and more sophisticated by utilizing logistic technique we have accumulated during our 70 years history. We work for higher customer satisfaction and contribute to local communities provideing conscientious cold chain services based on 11 refrigerated logistic centers throughout Japan including the newest Tokyo Central DC.

Export/import customs clearance service Storage, cargo handling, pre-delivery works Transportation & delivery(charter and small-lot individual delivery) services Shimoseki Logistics Center(1st Logistics Center)(2nd Logistics Center)(3rd Logistics Center)(5th Logistics Center)Fukuoka Logistics Center Fukuoka Central DC Miyakonojo Logistics Center Osaka Nanko Logistics Center Funabashi Logistics Center Tokyo Bay Logistics Center Tokyo Central DC With our network of 11 bases nationwide and our many years of logistics know-how, we flexibly respond to a wide variety of customer needs and develop logistics services on a high level of customer satisfaction.

Export/import customs clearance service

We arrange a straight logistics system from import/export customs clearance, transportation, storage to delivery which meets the needs of each customer, then offer the best cold chain. We cooperate with the carriers throughout Japan for realization of transportation and delivery network at all temperature zones.

  • Point 01We handle all complicated import/export procedures for our customers to reduce burdens of deskwork. We are pleased to provide straight and systematic logistics service.
  • Point 02We have our own branches in harbor areas and constructed optimal distribution system for domestic users.

Storage, cargo handling, pre-delivery works

Making full use of our network of 11 low-temperature logistics centers located throughout japan, we provide conscientious storage in theree different temperature zone, loading/unloading, and pre-delivery works.

  • Point 01Customized temperature control and quality maintenance.
  • Point 02High-quality logistics service by the standardization of work processes in accordance with ISO9001.
  • Point 03We offer compound service to meet the needs of each costomer and proceed conscientious logistics service.

Transportation & delivery services

We improve convenience for customers by utilizing a wide range of transportation from small-lot individual deliveries to chartered trucks, and direct deliveries to stores.

  • Point 01Adopting today’s sophisticated and diversified logistics such as small lots, high frequency, and high variety, we offer the solution in accordance with customer’s needs.
  • Point 02We plan tailor-made optimal and systematic logistic service for our customers including effective utilization of delivery trucks. It makes safe and security, appropriate cost settings, and strict observance of lead times, etc.

Examples of our logistic service utilizing our Matsuoka’s distribution network

We offer tailor-made logistics systems which meet customer’s needs, as we have the ability to respond all stages from the upstream to the downstream of the supply chain. Please do not hesitate to contact us to know more.

Joint delivery logistics service*Logistics service construction according to different temperature zones

Manufacturers Transportation system Our bases, logistic centers Picking Inventory management Loading and unloading Sorting Storage Regional delivery Food wholesalers Mass retailer centers

Advantages of consolidated delivery

  • Efficiency and cost cutting can be realized by the consolidated delivery by one truck. That is, one truck takes the several units which contain merchandises in the same category for the same destination, and delivers the unit to each destinatiin.
  • It also works to reduce the workload of unloading for the recipient.
  • It helps to reduce CO2 emission and thus environmental-friendly.
  • We offer logistic systems which fit in all requests from our customer, such as charter rate and small-lot individual delivery rate.
  • We offer trabsportation service to every corner of the country by the network between our logistic centers and our partners.
  • We are quick and responsive to sophisticated and diversified needs of recipient such as small-lot and high frequency delivelies, wide variety of merchandise , and time specification.

Exclusive delivery service*Logistics service construction according to different temperature zones

Supplier Order placement Inventory information Delivery Problem-solving flowchart Request Investigation of current situation Analysis Proposals System construction Realization Oder placement delivery place, destination Delivery Super markets Chain restaurants  Convenience store Sales depots of stores and manufacturers

Advantages of exclusive delivery

  • We offer the most optimal logistics system for chain restaurants, mass retail stores, and convenience stores.
  • Exclusive route delivery greatly improve the efficiency of store operations as it’s stable, regular, and on time.
  • The logistics system that a customer demands can be obtained. For instance, collecting returnable containers such as foldable containers, baskets, and carts.
  • We also draft management plans from procurement to delivery of merchandise in the supply from the manufacturers.
  • By effective utilization of delivery trucks, we offer you the logistic systems which will help to reduce logistic costs.

Activities for the improvement of quality of our services

ISO9001 certified

In June 2003, our logistics division acquired ISO9001 certification. We aim to improve our quality to respond to the trust from our customer by offering high-quality logistics service based on standardization of working process.

ISO9001認証取得 Perry Johnson Registrars-Quality Assurance UKAS management systems JAB MS CM023 The ANSI National Accreditation Board

Supporting by 3PL (Third Party Logistics)

"Third Party Logistics (3PL)" refers to carrying out objective examination from a third-party’s point of view and proposing the best solution for the matter of costomer’s logistics. In recent years, more people are watching it as the key to business optimization.
We also propose and support “non-asset type 3PL” with no exclusive assets (e.g. trucks and warehouses) utlizing our know-how in the specialized fields.

Hardware A transportation and delivery network of our 11 low-temperature logistics centers throughout Japan Software Cost reduction and logistics efficiency enhancement by utilizing our integrated logistics solution system Human-ware Allocation of logistic technologies specialties Sales activities aiming at customer satisfaction Provision of practical proposals NOT limited to our own branches