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Infinite expansion of our field.
We respond the needs from our customers on import and export of seafood.

Our businesses

We do domestic sales of seafood material imported from all over the world. We also do processing in China and other south-east Asian countries and import the products to Japan.
Export of seafood from Japan to the world, and import of many different kinds of products like poultry, vgetables, and fruits have been increasing in recent years. We also have aquaculture business in Japan, farming and selling bluefin tuna and yellowtail.

  1. 01Purchases

    Purchases are done by our representatives who have reliable skills to judge and evaluate quality, and communication abilities to negotiate with suppliers.

  2. 02Import/Export

    Products are inspected and then shipped out. We arrange customs clearance of import/export as well.
    Several different products can be mixed and loaded into a container so that we are able to handle small lots for import and export.

  3. 03Logistics

    Imported products are all stored in and distributed by our own logistic centers.
    We also do direct delivery to specified processing factories.

The strengths of Matsuoka

A wide range of products from seafood, meat and poultly, to vegetables and fruits.

Utilizing our experience and knowledge in trading of seafood accumulated during our history, we extended our businesses to meat and poultry, vegetable and fruits in recent years.

Our full-time specialists are positioned at key area for purchases.

Reliable skilles to judge and evaluate quality and ablities of negotiation are required in purchases. Our purchasing specialists have advanced knowledge in both purchase and sales. They understand all information such as fluctuations of market trends and exchange rate as well as needs of customers.

Full control of delivery schedule as we have our own exclusive logistic centers

Matsuoka has its own logistics centers in 11 different locations in Japan, including Shimonoseki, Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka. Imported products are stored at our logistic center in desired location and they are delivered as needed.

Environmental-friendly business activities with certification

Our business activities are environmental-friendly and we have attained “MSC-COC certification”, a certification system for well-managed, sustainable fisheries with consideration for marine resources and the environment, and “Marine Eco-Label Certification (MEL Certification)”, a certification for environmental-friendly fisheries and aquaculture with consideration to marine resources and ecosystems.

The network of Matsuoka

We work hand in hand with global partners for the delivery of safe food to dining tables all around the world.

Overseas branches

Myanmar Sunrise

It was in 1997 that Matsuoka started business with a partner company in Myanmar. Today, we run a shrimp processing factory in Ngapali, a beach resort in the north-west Myanmar with our partner. Frozen shrimp products are packed there under our brand and exported to Japan. We also purchase shrimp products from other factories near Yangon and export them to Japan and other countries.

Dalian Sunrise

In recent years, China has achieved significant economic growth so that the demands on a wide range of imported food products for their consumption have rapidly increased. We have successfully established a corporation to sell Japanese food products in China, including seafood from Hokkaido.
Main jobs at Dalian Sunrise are import/export of seafood and other food products, domestic sales in China, and quality control at processing factories. In Dalian, one of the most important hub of the distribution of fishery products in China, we aim to bridge not only China and Japan, but also all of the world to expand our trading business.

Chile representative office

Our office in Santiago, Chile have been established to have safe and secure supply from South American countries such as Peru, Argentina, and mainly Chile. Farmed salmon and squid are core export items in Chile and they are also essential parts of seafood in Japan. We try our best to supply reliable products for our customers through negotiating with packers, inspecting products by shipment, and visiting factories. We also explore the possibilities of handling various new products like agricultural and livestock products.

Domestic subsidiaries

Sunrise Farm Co., Ltd.

Sunrise Farm Co., Ltd. is located in southwest Shikoku, farming yellowtail and bluefin tuna with the warm weather and magnificent nature. The inflow of the Kuroshio Current simply creates the best water quality that is ideal for yellowtail and bluefin tuna. Our premium quality yellowtail and bluefin tuna is sold under our brand "Sunrise"(Hinode in Japanese). Our new processing factory is now under construction and it is scheduled to be completed in March, 2023. Our farmed fish processed there will be sold through our sales channel.

Sunfeel Agri Co.,Ltd.

Sunfeel Agri Co., Ltd. is located in Saito City, Miyazaki with rich natural environment.
We grow safe and secure fresh vegetables such as belle pepper, zucchini, green pea, and radish.