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All purchased seafood materials are processed in our own exclusive or partnered factories.
We are glad to accommodate various needs with our straight business flow from upstream to downstream.

Our businesses

Fresh seafood materials purchased in Japan and all around the world are processed at our domestic factories in Japan or designated overseas factories in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand. We supply a wide range of products such as squid products, deboned fillets, fried shrimp for our customers.

  1. 01Raw materials

    We purchase seafood materials from Japan and all over the world.

  2. 02Processing

    Processing materials for raw consumption, to be cooked, and fries at our factories in Japan and/or designated factories in overseas countries.

  3. 03Storage, Distribution

    We distribute products optimally using our exclusive logistic center and logisics network.

  4. 04Sales

    We hear the request from customer as deeply as possible and cope conscientiously.

Item examples

We coordinate the best materials and optimal processing methods through close communication with our customers to create the products reflecting their needs.

The strengths of Matsuoka

Predominamt share of squid products in Japan

We handle many kind of squid in wide range from raw material to finished product. We offer the best item based on customer’s request. Sushi toppings for raw consumption, ready to cook items for Tempura and fries.

Our flexible coping is applied even to a small lot based on customer’s request

Utilizing our straight business system from purchase of materials to processing and distribution, we are flexible to accept processing and deliveries in small lot.

Thorough quality management

In order to deliver quality, safe and secure products, we carry out sampling inspections (checking the taste, viable bacteria, E. coli, etc.). We also instruct overseas factories to control quality on a lot-by-lot basis and present the data.

Over 500 customers in Japan

We have over 500 various customers in food industry such as restaulant chains like "kaiten sushi" or lunch box-takeaways, and retailers like super market chains.

Flow of business

  1. 01Hearing and study of product details

    We hear and coordinate the best materials and the optimal processing method. We develop the best product which meets the requirements from our customer.

  2. 02Purechase of raw materials and processing

    A straight service from purchase of raw material, processing, to quality control is provided by Matsuoka.

  3. 03Storage and distribution

    We store the products at our exclusive logistic centers, and propose the best way of delivery for our customers.

The network of Matsuoka

We work hand in hand with global partners for the delivery of safe food to dining tables all around the world.

Overseas branches

Myanmar Sunrise

It was in 1997 that Matsuoka started business with a partner company in Myanmar. Today, we run a shrimp processing factory in Ngapali, a beach resort in the north-west Myanmar with our partner. Frozen shrimp products are packed there under our brand and exported to Japan. We also purchase shrimp products from other factories near Yangon and export them to Japan and other countries.

Dalian Sunrise

In recent years, China has achieved significant economic growth so that the demands on a wide range of imported food products for their consumption have rapidly increased. We have successfully established a corporation to sell Japanese food products in China, including seafood from Hokkaido.
Main jobs at Dalian Sunrise are import/export of seafood and other food products, domestic sales in China, and quality control at processing factories. In Dalian, one of the most important hub of the distribution of fishery products in China, we aim to bridge not only China and Japan, but also all of the world to expand our trading business.

Chile representative office

Our office in Santiago, Chile have been established to have safe and secure supply from South American countries such as Peru, Argentina, and mainly Chile. Farmed salmon and squid are core export items in Chile and they are also essential parts of seafood in Japan. We try our best to supply reliable products for our customers through negotiating with packers, inspecting products by shipment, and visiting factories. We also explore the possibilities of handling various new products like agricultural and livestock products.

Domestic subsidiaries

Matsuoka Seafoods Co., Ltd.

As a member of Matsuoka Co., Ltd. with its business philosophy of “from the world to our table”, Matsuoka Seafoods Co., Ltd. processes frozen products made with marine resources imported from all around the world, including salmon fillets and portions, processed shrimp products, and many other processed marine fishery products such as hoki, flatfishes, and seaweeds. It also accommodates small-lot production.

Sunrise Farm Co., Ltd.

Sunrise Farm Co., Ltd. is located in southwest Shikoku, farming yellowtail and bluefin tuna with the warm weather and magnificent nature. The inflow of the Kuroshio Current simply creates the best water quality that is ideal for yellowtail and bluefin tuna. Our premium quality yellowtail and bluefin tuna is sold under our brand "Sunrise"(Hinode in Japanese). Our new processing factory is now under construction and it is scheduled to be completed in March, 2023. Our farmed fish processed there will be sold through our sales channel.