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The SDG policy initiatives of Matsuoka

Matsuoka Co., Ltd. supports sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Matsuoka Co., Ltd. aims to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and improve corporate value through various business activities. We also contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

The SDGs declaration

"Everyone can actively work and live
receiving the blessing 
of beutiful nature ."
To realize such dreams, 
Matsuoka Co., Ltd. declares
that it understands SDGs, sustainable development goals adopted at the United Nations as the goals of the company as well
and engages together with all of its employees.

Based on our SDGs declaration,
We aim to solve various issues for the realization of a sustainable and a better society.

Our activities to achieve SDGs

1 No Poverty 4 Quality Education 5 Gender Equality 7 Affordable and Clean Energy 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth 10 Reduced Inequalities 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities 12 Responsible Consumption and Production 13 Climate Action 14 Life Below Water 17 Partnerships for the Goals

Activity for environment

Acquisition of the MSC-COC certificate

Seafood with the MSC label comes from fisheries certified by an independent organization, Marine Stewardship Council, as being marine resouces and environmental-friendly.
MSC certified seafood is separated from non-certified ones throughout the supply chain. Certified seafood is distinctively labeled so they are trackable as sustainable MSC certified fisheries.

14 Life Below Water

Acquisition of MEL certificate

Yellow tail farmed by Sunrise Farm Co., Ltd. is certified by MEL, Marine Eco-label Japan.
MEL (Marine Eco-Label Japan) is a label for fisheries and aquaculture producers who positively comply with the sustainable use of marine resources and the management considering conservation of environment and ecosystems. The label also applies to processors and distributors who handles the fish from certified frisheries and aquaculture.

14 Life Below Water

Investment to energy-saving equipment

We invest premeditatedly every year and intstall the equipments having a small environmental load such as the refrigeration system with natural refrigerants, energy-saving LED lighting, and cargo transporters. We aim to go environmental-friendly in all business activities.

12 Responsible Consumption and Production

Greening at our logistic centers

We plant at our logistics centers for the creation of the space filled with flowers and green. It delivers green’s vitality to our clients and the local communities.

13 Climate Action

Installation of solar power panels at our logistics centers

We have installed rooftop solar energy panels which contribute to carbon neutral.

7 Affordable and Clean Energy

Contribution to the society

Support for disability sports

We support people with disabilities to build their vibrant and enjoyable lives. We have donetaed the tools of Boccia, an official Paralimpic event, to Yamaguchi Sports Association for people with sisabilities. We also suppot ball game tournaments for blind people.

10 Reduced Inequalitiespara sports

Donation of a welfare vehicle

We donated the welfare vehicle “Hinode-go” to "Jinenjyo" a social welfare corporation. “Hinode-go” is a spacious vehicle with a special design so wheelchair can be loaded from the rear door. We believe that it is our mission to support people with disabilities in various ways as a company.

10 Reduced Inequalities

Employment of people with various nationalities

We contribute to building the diversity of society by employment of people from various foreign countries.

1 No Poverty

Education of emploees

We conduct the education for compliance observance, safety and hygiene, and etc. through our internal monthly news letter.

4 Quality Education

Supports to female employees

We keep a resting room for female employees comfortable.

5 Gender Equality

Contribution to economic growth through our business activities

We keep challenging over 70 years and contribute to social economic growth.

8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

Supporting the Shimonoseki Kaikyo Marathon

We have been one of the sponsors of Shimonoseki Kaikyo Marathon every year and contributed to the activation of the hometown.

11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

Activation of the hometown by partnership

We contribute to the activation of the hometown by the partnership working with local companies and individuals.

17 Partnerships for the Goals