Pre-delivery works

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Pre-delivery works

In addition to sorting, packing, inspection, and enclosing, we also support other works such as labeling, foreign substance inspection, and weight inspection at our logistic centers. Under our quality management, we provide responsive and flexible support to our clients so as to ease their burden.

Sampling and inspection

We have sampling rooms in many of our logistic centers, which are safe and hygienic in structure. We carry out appropriate usage of them.
Sampling and inspection depending on customer’s requests are always available.

Sampling room, Tokyo Bay Logistics Center
Sampling room, Tokyo Bay Logistics Center

Sorting work

Flexible and quick sorting can be realized by using DPS(digital picking system) and DAS(digital assort system).

Packing and labeling

We do the works of packing and labeling in accordance with customers’s requests.

Rapid freezing

Freezing domestic fresh livestock products strategically in responce to market trends makes stable supply and selling with added value. This work can be adopted to seafood products as well.
Tokyo Bay Logistics Center is able to eject cold air of -35 degree Celsius for quick freezing 40 tons of products in every single day. (20 tons x 2 rooms)