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Interaction with society and local communities is one of the most important activity for our company. We belong to society, thus establishing a sound relationship with local community is very significant for our existence.

It is our pleasure to provide a stage for persons with disabilities to act. We would like to continue to move forward and grow together with you all.

Our achievement

Wall art at Tokyo Bay Logistics Center and art creation at Tokyo Central DC

Art de Vivre, a nonprofit organization of cleaters with disabilities, painted on the exterior walls and interior glass of our Tokyo Bay Logistics Center and Tokyo Central DC. The tasteless scene then turned out a bright and joyful atmosphere. We are proud of ourselves that it is a good example of the relation between Matsuoka and local communities as we have a good reputation from visitors on the paintings.

How the project went on #1

Fukuoka Central DC entrance co-design project

Together with “Maru”, a disability welfare service agency in Fukuoka, we organized a workshop to create the painting art for the entrance of Fukuoka Central DC. We have created the works featuring theme of "woods" together.

How the project went on #2

About the illustrations on website

The illustrations on our website are created by Kosuke OTA, an artist from “Maru”, a disability welfare service agency.

Kosuke OTA

Born in 1981. Started learning painting when he was 5th grade elementary student as his mother encouraged him to do so. Started working with “Maru” since 2001. The bald free-flowing lines and the delicate colors as his unique mixture of paints are representations of freedom- like creation while humming sometimes. His inspirational illustrations as design materials with animals and plant motifs appear in various media. Also, he has pottery creation that grabs the heart of the people like "Peanuts-kun", a popular line of maru.

About the illustrations

Theme: "A Tale of a Seaside Town."

The drawing was created to express the image of how Matsuoka Corporation’s businesses of import, export, sales of marine products, logistics, and real estate are linked to enriching the lives of families living by the sea.
It also expresses the company’s commitment in contributing to the fulfillment of the SDGs in order to achieve a sustainable society.
In the background, the illustration also depicts Shimonoseki’s symbol, the Kanmon Bridge; reminding us of the history of Matsuoka Corporation, which has walked alongside the city of Shimonoseki.