Fukuoka Central DC

In Fukuoka Island City, the largest logistics base in Kyushu
MATSUOKA is always pleased to be your help.

Matsuoka Co., Ltd. is proud to announce that Fukuoka Central DC was opened in March 2019 in Fukuoka Island City, as one of the largest cold storages in Japan.

In Fukuoka, the heart of Kyushu and Asia, Fukuoka Central DC is running its business with high-quality and state-of-the-art facilities for the cold storage.

State-of-the-art facilities, safe and secured functions

1/F platform

Installed with the latest, high-efficiency, and energy-saving refrigeration system using natural, environmental-friendly refrigerants. The cold storage is refrigerated using CO2 only which is safe, thus the facility is ideal for all sorts of merchandise.


Installed with as many as 52 berths with 8 dock levelers. The centralized management with a core cloud system enables smooth truck guidance and high efficiency in loading and unloading.


At the bright and spacious entrance hall, drawings by artists with disabilities are displayed. Matsuoka provides the space for them to express their works and supports them to live together with local community.

Private power generation

An installment of 750 KVA (kilovolt ampere) private generator to cope with unexpected power outage. In emergency, the generator starts up automatically so as to ensure the operation and maintenance of all computers, lighting, hazard prevention equipment, and cargo handling equipment.

Positive Air Conditioning system

It is an A/C system to prevent external air from entering by making the indoor pressure higher. External air is exchanged cooler and dehumidified air before being drawn into the platform through positive pressure fans.


Since our establishment in 1950 with import/ export of seafood as our major business, Matsuoka Co., Ltd. has also continued the business of logistics with the motto “challenge, innovation, and trust”. We were able to celebrate the 70th year anniversary in business on February 1st, 2019.

We are so thankful for all the continued support along our developmental journey.
Since its establishment in 1999, our Fukuoka logistics center with 50,500 ton of storage capacity in kashiihama-futo, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka has been contributing to the local community. In order to respond to the demands of new era, we have proudly opened our 11th logistics center, Fukuoka Central DC, with the latest equipment and spacious platforms in April 2019.

This logistics center is located in the distribution area of Island City connecting to the expressway directly without passing through the city center. So it can provide a straight logistics service from storage, loading/unloading, inspection, pre-delivery works to delivery ideally.

We would like to expand our network to cope with more requests utilizing higher techniques, better systems, and greater human resources. We look forward to serving you better and better for many years in the future.

Mr. Takao Matsuoka, President of Matsuoka Co., Ltd.


Situated in Island City, the core logistics base of Asia

Fukuoka Central DC is located in Fukuoka Island City which is from Busan in just 200 km and from Shanghai in just 1,000 km. All of land, marine, and air traffic connections are available within just a 10km radius from Fukuoka Island City. It is also in the best location for deliveries to Fukuoka metropolitan area. The direct connection to urban expressway enables the distributions without passing through the city center.

Island City About 3.6km(7min)Kashii Park Port About 11.9km(24min)Fukuoka Interchange About 5.8km(12min)JR Freight Fukuoka Terminal About 13.2km(22min)Fukuoka International Airport About 21.1km(28min)Dazaifu Interchange About 11.5km(23min)JR Hakata Station About 11.1km(22min)Tenjin
*From Fukuoka City Port and Airport Bureau, Island City Division HP

Site overview

Site overview (exterior overview)

Location Minatokashii, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, Japan
Site area 18,639.72㎡

Overall facility overview

Private power generation equipment Emergency power generator 750KW x 1 Unit 6,600V
Oil supply equipment Underground tank for emergency power generator:5,000 Liter(Diesel fuel)

Building overview(Refrigerating block)

Construction overview

Building Structure Reinforced concrete construction (partially steel frame construction) 4-storied
Site area 9,707.5㎡
Total floor area 35,325.08㎡
Capacity 54,492t (F Class 41,366t, C&F Class 13,126t)
Number of truck berths 52 berths (Dock leveler 8 berths)
Facility function storage of refrigerated and frozen products

Equipment overview

Conveyor equipment:Freight elevator(1 Base)3t、Vertical conveyor(9 Bases)

Refrigeration equipment

  • F class and C&F class
  • Cooling system
  • Water cooling screw refrigerator (two stages) NewTon R-8000
  • Power120kW×4 Bases
  • Refrigerant Ammonia CO2
  • 1/F platform
  • Cooling system:Air-cooling refrigerator
  • Power 44.2kW×7 Bases
  • Refrigerant R410A
  • Positive A/C system
  • Air-cooling brine cooler unit
  • Power 28kW×6 Bases
  • Platforms for the 2/F & 3/F
  • Heating system
  • Cooling water waste heat recycle fan coil unit
  • Heating capacity 5 kW x 6 units / floor (18 units_90 kW in total)