Tokyo Bay Logistics Center

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Located in the Tokyo metropolitan area. One of the largest and state-of-the-art facilities in Japan.
Our “low temperature logistic centers” lead today’s “food distribution”.

Matsuoka Co.,Ltd. prides itself as one of major players of logistic business in Japan. In spring 2013, its Tokyo Bay Logistic Center located in Higashi-ogishima, Kawasaki, the largest low temperature logistic center in Japan, started the operation.

The facility brings together all cutting-edge technologies; it’s 33,000 ㎡ large and accommodating 80,000 tons storage capacity.Functionalities, as wellas safty are all important parts deeply considered in the design.Centering this advanced logistic center for frozen and chilled food, we will open up the future of Japanese food culture by the integrated distribution services utilizing the network we have in different locations.

Site area

  • 33,000 ㎡

Capacity (tonnage) 80,000t

  • F Class 57,639t
  • C&F Class 17,692t
  • C Class 4,782t

The equipments supporting our newest logistic center

Positive air conditioning system

Track berth

Sampling room

Energy-saving CFC-free refrigeration system

The refrigeration system for freezing, chilling, and air-conditioning at a cold storage generally consumes a large amount of energy. Recently, the refrigeration system with excellent energy-saving performance using natural refrigerants (natural substances such as ammonia and CO2) which are not CFCs called greenhouse gases has been developed. This new type of CFC-free refrigeration system has much lower environmental impact.

Installing such energy-saving CFC-free refrigeration system (NewTon: Mayekawa MFG. Co., Ltd.) at our new logistic center helps greatly to save electricity. In addition, we have successfully reduced CO2 emissions generated in the operational processes and achieved zero emissions of CFC(greenhouse gases) by eliminating chlorofluorocarbon(CFC) from refrigerants.

Refrigeration system

Rapid freezing chamber

Function and structure for safety and security

Private power generation

Anti-earthquake design

Cloud system

Security system




Chilled space

Freezer (movable rack)

Safe and hygienic amenity space



Environmental-friendly and heart-calming interior design

Garbage collection area with considerations in nearby sceneries

Lush greenery interior